Sunday Family Meal & Farmers Market: Lasagna (Homemade Pasta, Cheese, Sauce)- June 28th


June 28th


This meal can be done by older kids, or done together as a family with parents helping with boiling water and oven.  We’ll make the lasagna noodles from scratch, ricotta cheese and sauce. I’ll be adding in sautéed greens and herbs from Rainbow Roots Farm.  I’ll also be making Italian sausage to add to mine as well- locally sourced pork. The sauce will be made from canned tomato sauce and either fresh or canned diced tomatoes.  There really isn’t a recipe as you will be customizing it for your family but here are the ingredients and rough measurements.

Pasta: Flour, eggs, salt (4-5 eggs and a few cups flour)

Sauce ( you will want about 30 oz or so of tomato sauce and if you like the texture of diced tomatoes- some of those too) you will also want fresh or dried herbs on hand, some good ones are: basil, garlic, oregano, thyme, fennel, onion…

Cheese: 1 gallon of whole milk and about 1/4c white vinegar for the ricotta cheese and then additional shredded mozzarella or provolone or Parmesan.

optional: if you have a lot of basil, I love doing a pesto lasagna.  To make the pesto, also have some nuts, pine or walnut, parmesan, fresh garlic, basil.

You will need a baking dish, large pot to hold gallon milk, slotted spoon, strainer, rolling pin, pizza cutter (or knife).

After each class, I will post a picture on instagram/Facebook for you to then post a picture of your creations.  It may seem silly, but those pictures mean a lot to me and it’s been so fun watching your food photography skills advance!

Classes will stream live on FB and be available on demand there as well.  By joining the zoom class, you are able to ask questions and I am able to help you problem solve in real time.  I do not charge for these classes but donations are truly appreciated as these take significant time and ingredient cost.  If after the class, you find value and wish to donate that is awesome.  If you cannot afford to donate, but enjoyed the class, I ask that you share the links on your own social media or with friends and family and help me grow that way.  Venmo: @Becky-Schmooke or PayPal [email protected]