Teen Mindful Leadership and CPR Certification Workshop- August 8 &9th


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August 8th and 9th, 9am-4pm $300 ages 12 and up (if you cannot afford the registration, please message me to ask about scholarships available) Please send a lunch, I will provide snacks.  Please pay via Venmo, check or cash as PayPal charges a large percentage.

This is a specially priced workshop and only 12 kids will be able to participate.  It includes CPR certification which is a $100 value on its own. Plus will include additional life saving first aid not included in normal CPR classes along with fire safety and fire extinguisher training.

(please click HERE to read about pickup/drop off, camp structure, cancelations, Covid safety, Etc)

This workshop is truly one not to miss, and a value that is hard to beat.  Kids will get the opportunity to be certified in CPR- something that will be beneficial when it comes to applying for jobs and opportunities in the future.  My husband Bill, a fire Lt. with ICFD and Assistant Fire Chief with NLFD, will be teaching the CPR portion along with first aid.  Kids will go through various revolutions to test their knowledge and ability to perform life saving techniques under pressure. We have  top of the line manikins for kids to use, that show both the depth and rate of compressions, and an expanded first aid program that allows all kids to be hands on using the equipment.

They will also learn leadership skills and demonstrate them through fun obstacle courses and competitions. Mindful leadership is the focus of BMK and of my book, so this is a truly special opportunity for kids to learn skills that will last a lifetime.  We will discuss practical applications of mindfulness and emotional regulation.  My foundation is in Stoic philosophy and that is at the core of the mindfulness that I teach.  We’ll discuss anxiety, shame, fear and anger and how to navigate those emotions, along with the feelings of overwhelm and stress when it comes to school.  In the kitchen we’ll tackle the cooking life skills that all teens need to know! The archery range will be available during the workshop as well.

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August 8th/9th, Waitlist

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