Theatre & Jewelry Making Camp NOW WITH NAILED IT!


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July 5-7 (ages 8-11)

July 23rd 9am-4pm (Single Day Workshop; ages 10& up)  This camp has been canceled and replaced with a Bath Bombs/Soap and Baking Camp for ages 7 and up.  Register HERE

NEW: Jewelry and Nailed It! have been added to each of the camps to provide another unique activity for anyone interested! For those just wanting theatre- that is always an option- no one has to do the jewelry as it has been added as an extra. The Nailed It!  cookie designs are from the amazing local cookie shop Vanilla Beans and Daydreams- they are incredible!!

3 Day Camp: Nature is truly the best setting for theatre camp! We will be spending our 2 days outside of the kitchen having fun with theatre exercises both with scripts and improv! It is a safe space where kids are encouraged to take risks and we give encouraging feedback.  Mad libs theatre will be back as well so kids will have a chance to help create scripts.  We will provide COVID safe options for kids to perform without masks outside too. If your kiddo loves the stage, this is the camp for them. We skip the silly stereotypical games that just waste time and go right at activities that will help your kids be more comfortable and confident not just on stage but speaking in class and interacting with others!

Single Day Workshop: This is great for those looking for a full day of immersion in theatre, improv, cooking and now jewelry making.  I provide snacks and the kids will be making food of course, but do send a lunch just so I know that they have food that they will eat.

All must read the COVID safety rules, Camp Waiver, and Cancellation Policy before purchasing!!!!

**All ages listed are not set-in-stone, so please just use common sense based on your own child!

Camp Date

July 5-7 (ages 8-11), July 23 (Single Day Workshop; ages 11 & up)

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