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Imagine a no stress birthday party… where all you have to do is show up and relax while kids simply get to be kids.  Enjoy some coffee, sounds of nature and laughter.  Invest in memories- they don’t require batteries, they never break and best yet- are never left on the floor to be stepped on in the middle of the night.

I am a fan of keeping things simple.  So with that in mind, there are 3 options to choose from to create the perfect birthday for your child. Because Covid is still a concern, I am still not open for cooking birthdays.  I hope to be able to add those again soon.  The bathroom inside BMK is available during the party time.  Masks required upon arrival and when with the animals and when inside BMK for the bathroom.  After that, it is up to you how you handle mask wearing while at the treehouse and in the woods.

NEW! Jewelry Making Parties at the treehouse or inside BMK with Paige from Charli Dean Designs. 

Birthday Party Packages (all ages welcome): Payment via PayPal, Venmo (@becky-schmooke or @beckysmindfulkitchen, Cash/Check.  Contact me to schedule. You must read the waiver before booking the party- by scheduling the party you agree to the terms of the waiver as do the parents of all attendees.  WAIVER

  1. Farm Visit Fun: 1 hour. $250.00  for up to 10 kids.  An additional $25/kid for 11-25 kids.  Come and hang out with the beloved farm animals of BMK.   With countless varieties of unique chickens to catch and pet, and the extremely friendly mini goats to feed, snuggle and play with- this is the perfect birthday for those wanting to get out of the city, out of the home and experience something new.  I will be out there the entire time during the party helping educate the kids about the animals and facilitating bottle feeding the baby goats whenever possible and provide treats to feed the goats.  Add in party favors (bath fizzy and variety of sweet treats) $7/kid.
  2. Standard Treehouse Birthday – 2 hours. $400 for up to 10 kids.  An additional $25/kid for 11-25 kids.  This package is a perfect blend of time with the animals and in the adventure playground and treehouse.  We start with 30 minutes with the goats and chickens- I am with you during this time helping facilitate and chase down any escaped goats! The party then moves to the treehouse where adventure and whimsy reign.   In the timber, kids can tackle the ninja course, zip line, work on building stick forts, balance on the slack line, swing, play tetherball, enjoy the games inside the treehouse, climb on the rock walls and explore the trails and hidden gems both up high in the trees and nestled in the trunks of trees.  You are welcome to bring in any food or drink or items you wish.  All I ask is that you clean up any mess before you leave.  I provide water along with a coffee/tea bar and a complimentary assortment of bakery/sweet treats. Add in party favors (bath fizzy and variety of sweet treats) $7/kid. Add on Jewelry Making with Paige from Charli Dean Designs for $75.
  3. Premium Treehouse Birthday- 3hr. $550 for up to 15 kids, an additional $25/kid for 16-25 kids.   Add in party favors (bath fizzy and variety of sweet treats) $7/kid.  Add on Jewelry Making with Paige from Charli Dean Designs for $75.
  4. Jewelry Making Party (this can be at the treehouse or incase of bad weather, inside BMK.  Masks required inside) 1.5hr party.  $400 up to 10 kids. $25/kid for 11-25 kids.  30-45min of jewelry making where kids will make a pair of earrings/necklace/bracelet to take home.  The rest Great for ages 6 and up (Paige adjusts difficulty but I wear the earrings my 6 year old made and people ask me where I bought them!).


Directions: Turn left at the big red barn, the first left on Crosheck and head down the driveway. BMK is located around back of the white house at the bottom of the drive.  Please note that the play equipment in the neighbor’s yard is indeed the neighbor’s play equipment so please do not allow your kids to go into their yard.  When you arrive, I recommend driving down and circling around to then park facing up the driveway to allow for easy exit.  Please do not block the neighbor’s driveway.  Once again- BMK is accessed through the front of the home, so please do not come up to the front door, but follow the signs and path to the back.

Cancellation Policy:  Because I only offer a limited number of parties/month, there is no cancellations within 2 weeks of the date.  If rain is forecasted, the party goes on, simply wear weather appropriate clothing and allow yourself to remember just how much fun it can be to play in the rain and embrace your inner child.  Also- the porch of treehouse is covered- so parents, you can stay dry.  If the rain is going to be a nonstop downpour or storming, then we can adjust the time of the party if possible and reschedule.  If anyone has been exposed to Covid- please just be kind and don’t come.  We will reschedule if the birthday kiddo has been exposed.  I really would rather not require a deposit but instead trust that you will respect that a lot of time and money goes into making your party truly special and you will not decide to cancel without paying or just not show up.

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