Virtual Cooking Classes

If all you want is a cooking class, this may not be the best fit for you.  Because BMK classes are more than just a cooking class.  You will learn how to cook, share stories, laugh, connect and create memories.

Dietary restrictions have caused many to hesitate to book cooking classes.  I have created a variety of recipes that can be easily adapted based on the needs of your group.

Creating space for each person to showcase their individuality and creativity is at the core of these classes.  Each menu item is a base recipe that can then be customized to transform into a signature dish/bake.  This allows everyone a chance to share and contribute as they add their own spin on the dish.

There is often a story behind why someone makes the choices they do with the recipe.  Within those stories,  are moments for connection and the ripple effect of that connection can be truly priceless.

Popular Recipes are:

~ Scones

~ Hand rolled Pasta

~Hand rolled Tortillas

~ Honey Chipotle Salsa

~Apple Galette

~ Salted Caramel Sauce

~ No equipment ice cream

~BBQ sauce


~Peanut Butter Cups

~Egg free Cookie Dough



~ Cinnamon Rolls

~ Toffee, Fudge, Chocolate bark

~ And more!


Contact me for pricing for your group!

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