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Becky’s Mindful Kitchen believes in tailoring her services to each individual client. However, packages are available along with a la carte options.  As her client base is growing Becky is learning about what are common wants/needs and will be adjusting her packages accordingly. Becky also has a sliding scale available to fit a variety of budgets. Becky’s Mindful Kitchen believes that cost should not stop anyone from learning how to eat, cook and love real foods. Becky also teaches health clinics at local gyms and businesses who offer wellness programs for their employees.

Becky is not a dietitian and cannot offer any nutrition or dietary advice but instead explains what she has learned about traditional diets and food preparation and will provide all sources of said information. Becky’s role is limited as a consultant and anything that stems from that is based on cooking advice not nutritional advice. Please do not change your diet without consulting your doctor or a licensed dietitian.

Current a la carte services:

Living an unprocessed life intro $50  *

What does this involve? At Becky’s Mindful Kitchen Office, Becky will explain in depth her philosophy when it comes to eating REAL foods. Going through a typical daily menu with you, Becky will discuss ways to not eliminate foods from your day but instead how to use unprocessed ingredients for example, learn how to make your oatmeal from scratch by soaking oats overnight and making a large pot at once instead of quick oats in a packet. Remember – Becky doesn’t advocate extreme diets, but instead traditional diets and proper preparation of foods. Becky empowers you to Reclaim Your Kitchen and bring back the joy of cooking and eating honest foods.

Kitchen Inventory and suggestions for healthy substitutions, 1 hour  $50 *

Becky will come to your home and walk through your kitchen with you, explaining what makes certain items healthy and what items may be less healthy than you thought. Pointing out things like a balsamic vinegar that contains caramel color which is in her opinion not a real food. She will give you easy substitutions for items and you will feel energized and ready to start filling your kitchen with foods worthy of your shelves!

Additional shopping tour, 1hr $50

Whether it is trying a new health food store or simply learning how to shop for real foods and not industrialized food products and save money, Becky will walk through the store with you and show you how to spot marketing scams and how to read the ingredient list with a new perspective of what should and should not be in your food in her opinion.  For example, pork sausage that heavily advertises “No Hormones” can often have industrialized ingredients that are listed on the back, but because one sees the “No Hormones” they assume it is a good quality product and never turns it over to check. Federal law prohibits the use of hormones on pigs or poultry so the label “No Hormones” is misleading. Becky takes the time to make sure you get all of your questions answered and you spend your money where it counts and not on expensive processed foods masquerading as a health food item.

  • 1 month of food concierge service where you can contact Becky via email, Facebook or text message with questions about recipe adjustments, general cooking questions. Instead of spending hours online trying to find a healthy recipe, simply contact Becky and she will do the work for you.  $100-$150 depending on what all you want included. *
  • 2 hr cooking class $100, max 2 people, you provide the ingredients. 
  • 1 week of menu planning, recipes and shopping trip for all ingredients.  Meal planning is based on breaking the mold of cooking the same thing over and over again, it is not based on nutritional or dietary advice. $200
  • Help cook a family dinner with you that we have chosen together $50/hr (actual time in your home, recipe planning included)
  • 1 time meal or recipe planning $20 *
  • Purchase Local Raw Organic Honey, $6/lb $1 Jar fee or provide your own!
  • Need something not listed above? Contact me and I will try to help! ( Example: You need help finding healthy breakfast ideas/recipes that your kids will eat, I will develop the recipes and come over and teach you how to make them)

* Available to long distance clients

Payment plans are available on request. Contact me to learn more.