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Leadership & Team Building Workshops

Leadership is not a job title but a lifestyle and at BMK we connect the importance of being a leader to all parts of life. 

We also believe that while many team building activities are fun, they often do not result in lasting change.

We have created a truly unique approach to team building and leadership workshops, creating activities that target key leadership and communication skills and connect them to the workplace. 

Confidence is built, Ego is assumed- in these activities we discard the ego and provide opportunities for confidence to grow.  

Perfect for:
  • First responders 
  • Sports Teams 
  • Organizations 
  • Small Businesses 
  • Corporations 
  • Educators 
  • Healthcare Professionals 

My Virtual Workshops are engaging and fun and challenge the theory that zoom fatigue is impossible to overcome.  Virtual Workshops include cooking competitions/classes, interactive talks and learning how to apply our S.T.O.A framework to build teams and leaders.  

Organizations that invest in team building and leadership training, pave the path towards true success. Our workshops teach the importance of:

The S.T.O.A Process

We have developed our own framework for identifying what Success means to both individuals, teams and the organization as a whole. The Targets needed to reach to achieve Success. How to identify and turn Obstacles as Opportunities. And defining the values that Anchor all that you do- putting values into action.

Mental Health Matters

Removing shame from talking about emotions is key to creating a strong team, leaders and organization.

Communicate with Purpose

Good communication goes beyond sending timely emails, it requires active listening, empathy and boundaries. Understanding how the 'Curse of Knowledge' impacts our ability to communicate.

Circle of Control vs Influence

A strong team is built by those who understand what/who they can control and what they cannot.

Goal Setting

To achieve the best possible outcome, one must first learn to value the process most of all and plan for failure.

Mindful Leadership

The importance of vulnerability in building credibility as a leader is often undervalued. Vulnerable accountability is a trait of all great leaders, however many still lack the confidence of how to apply it in everyday life. Mindful leadership is a skill that everyone benefits from, no matter their job title.

BMK kitchen

A Return to Play...

Team building at BMK is based in play, getting out of the workplace, into nature and disconnecting from screens to make space for creating lasting connection.  We customize the workshop based on an initial consultation where we ask the right questions to understand not just the surface issues but the underlying ones as well. 

Favorite Activities Include:
Cooking Competitions
Fire Starting
Time with Goats and Chickens
Wood Fired Pizza
First Aid and CPR Certification

Strong leaders make Strong Teams

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