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  • Ratios for the truffles: 2:1 chocolate to cream. So 8ounces chocolate to 4ounces cream. 1 cup of chocolate chips is 6 ounces. This is for semisweet to dark chocolate. 
    Milk chocolate: reduce cream by a bit. I would do 8 ounces to 3 ounces cream or so or increase chocolate. 
    White Chocolate: 10ounces chocolate to 4ounces cream. 
    The higher the quality of chocolate the better results TO A POINT. My advice is to start cheap and increase quality and price as you discover your favorite flavors/additions. You will chop up the chocolate by hand or in food processor or in a bag and wack with rolling pin. Heat cream (to a simmer) on stove in double broiler and pour over chocolate to melt the chocolate and if needed, turn heat back on to keep melting chocolate. OR the not proper way is to put cream and chocolate in microwave and melt together. You can add butter or some coconut oil or other oils to thin out the ganache. You can rewarm in microwave if chocolate is not melted all of the way or in a double broiler. Add in flavors. You can also add lavender/herbs/flavors that you don’t want in the final truffle in the cream as it is heating up and strain out. If you have time you can just put bowl of ganache in fridge to cool. Or spread onto parchment paper in a baking dish to cool in fridge or if in a rush- freezer. Once cooled you can form it into balls and rolled as desired!