Lavender Honey and Mint Whipped Cream and Fruit Glasses
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  1. Heavy Whipping Cream from Grass Fed Cows
  2. Fresh or defrosted frozen organic berries
  3. Fresh lavender
  4. Fresh Mint
  5. Raw Honey
  6. Cocoa powder (optional)
  7. Peppermint extract (optional)
  8. Vanilla extract
  1. This dish is incredibly easy to make and fit to your taste preferences
  2. Simply chop up fresh mint and lavender and add to the cream as you whip it along with honey and a dash of a vanilla. Stop to taste as you add the herbs and honey.
  3. I removed half of the finished whipped cream and then added cocoa powder and a dash of peppermint extract and made the chocolate whipped cream.
  4. Save some mint for garnish on top.
  5. Layer the fruit and creams and garnish with mint and honey drizzled on top and a square of dark chocolate.
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