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 The kitchen is a place to gather, learn, share stories and connect.  Becky’s Mindful Kitchen has expanded globally, creating a space for all to be seen, heard and valued.

New event options added as time allows! 

About Becky

I am passionate about creating spaces for people to have mindful conversations that matter, share stories and create lasting connection.  

Doing all of that while cooking and eating delicious food? That’s just an added bonus! 

I believe in celebrating the shared human experience and removing the shame and judgment that keeps us from creating true connection- allowing freedom to live a meaningful life both personally and professionally. 

 With 3 daughters, a fire fighter husband, 2 dogs, dairy goats and 50 chickens, life is always full of adventure and comedy! 

BMK is located at 4139 Crosheck Rd, Solon, IA.   

You will turn left at the big red barn and go down the drive to the white house. The house at the top of the hill is our awesome neighbor and I ask that you do not block their driveway or park in the apron. The play structure is also on their property and is off limits. They do have two dogs that are friendly so if they are out, please do not be afraid. Zero parking allowed on the street. Please if in a large group, pull down the drive and circle around and park facing up the driveway. There is room for two cars to pass each other on the driveway. The entrance to BMK is in the back of the home. Head under the big sign and follow the path past the goat barn to the back deck. 

Between Solon, North Liberty, and Iowa City – just 25 minutes from Cedar Rapids.

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