Birthday Parties

Kid Birthday Parties

Parents- Imagine a no stress birthday party… where all you have to do is show up and relax while kids simply get to be kids.  Enjoy some coffee, sounds of nature and laughter.  Invest in memories- they don’t require batteries, they never break and best yet- are never left on the floor to be stepped on in the middle of the night.

What ages are good for these parties? All ages. From toddlers to teenagers- there is something for everyone here. 

Parents of birthday kiddo are required to stay during the party, additional parents are always welcome to stay! 

Please email to check availability. Parties available year round. Weekend dates book about 1-2 months in advance. I do not require a deposit as I choose to trust people to just do the right thing.

Parents of birthday kiddo- I need you to express the importance to your guests that they go to my home page and read the parking instructions. Parking is not allowed in the driveway of our neighbor at the top of the hill. I do not want to add more signs and be 'that' place- so please follow the ones already posted.

Payment via Venmo, Cash or Check. Venmo @Becky-Schmooke or @BeckysMindfulKitchen

Farm and treehouse Fun

 1 hour. $250.00  for up to 12 kids.  An additional $20/kid for 13-25 kids.  Come and hang out with the beloved farm animals of BMK for the first part of the hour and then enjoy the treehouse and adventure playground.  There is a heater on the deck of the tree house.  Add in party favors (bath fizzy and variety of sweet treats) $7/kid.

Bathroom available inside BMK.

Please see bottom of home page for directions and parking instructions.

Click HERE read Waiver. By attending an event you are agreeing to the waiver. If you book a party you are responsible for informing guests of the waiver. Your attendance is your signature.

Treehouse Party

2 hours. $400 for up to 12 kids.  An additional $20/kid for 13-25 kids.    Add on mini archery lesson and 30 minutes supervised archery range time- $50. This package is a perfect blend of time with the animals and in the adventure playground and treehouse.  We start with 20-30 minutes with the goats and chickens- I am with you during this time helping facilitate and chase down any escaped goats! The party then moves to the treehouse where adventure and whimsy reign.   In the timber, kids can tackle the ninja course, race on the 2 zip lines, work on building stick forts, balance on the slack line, swing, play tetherball, enjoy the games inside the treehouse, climb on the rock walls and explore the trails and hidden gems both up high in the trees and nestled in the trunks of trees.  You are welcome to bring in any food or drink or items you wish.  All I ask is that you clean up any mess before you leave.  I provide water along with a coffee/tea bar/hot chocolate and a complimentary assortment of bakery/sweet treats or homemade ice cream.  Add in party favors (bath fizzy and variety of sweet treats) $7/kid.

Bathroom available inside BMK.

Please see bottom of home page for directions and parking instructions.

By purchasing and attending this party, you are agreeing to the waiver: HERE

Deluxe Party

$550/2.5hr  for 10 kids, $25/additional kid. 

Includes an option of doing: Fairy Gardens, Jewelry Making, Cookie Decorating, Nailed It! Competition, Baking, Soap Making, or Bath Fizzies. 

About half of the time  is spent inside on the activity and the other half with the goats and chickens and out in the woods where they can race zip lines, play in the treehouse and access everything listed above!  You are welcome to bring in any outside food.    

Cooking options based on ages/skill level, contact me to discuss options. Most popular recipes: egg free cookie dough bites, fudge, cinnamon rolls, scones, peppermint bark, pizza dough… If you would like to do more advanced recipes and 2.5 hour indoor cooking party, please contact me to discuss details and pricing.

Bathroom available inside BMK.

Please see bottom of home page for directions and parking instructions.

By purchasing and attending this party, you are agreeing to the waiver: HERE

Online Cooking Party

All Ages, All Skills… All are welcome for a virtual party to remember!

Recipes for all items are on my website and as always- there is a lot of room for creativity in the flavors!

The cookie dough bites is a recipe that kids 7 and up can probably do on their own as long as the correct measuring cups and ingredients are laid out.  That way you can get a break while I lead them through the recipe.

Below is the pricing and options for the different lengths of parties.  If there is something else that you really wants to do, please contact me and we can see if that is possible.  There may be an extra charge depending on the request. 

30min- party-$250- up to 100 people

Options: Cookie Dough Bites, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Tortillas, no stove top Play Dough,

60min party- $350- up to 100 people

Popular Options: pizza dough, create your own signature cookie, scones, sugar cookies, shortbread, hand rolled pasta.

Cancellation Policy:  Because I only offer a limited number of parties/month, there is no cancellations within 2 weeks of the date.  If you are canceling due to illness, I completely understand but you will be expected to reschedule or be responsible for the full payment of the part. 

If rain is forecasted, the party goes on, simply wear weather appropriate clothing and allow yourself to remember just how much fun it can be to play in the rain and embrace your inner child.  Also- the porch of treehouse is covered- so parents, you can stay dry.  If the rain is going to be a nonstop downpour or storming, then we can adjust the time of the party if possible and reschedule. 

  I really would rather not require a deposit but instead trust that you will respect that a lot of time and money goes into making your party truly special and you will not decide to cancel without paying or just not show up.

Reminder: Play equipment and trampoline is on our neighbor’s property, please do not allow your kids to run through their lawn or play on equipment. 

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