BMK Kids

Where kids can be just kids.

BMK Kids

Where kids can be just kids.

Summer Camps 2024 Now Open!

BMK Kids Camps are intended to create a space for kids to be just kids. These camps allow children to spend their summer playing freely in the woods and with farm animals like goats and chickens! The kids learn to embrace creativity, as well learn new skills ranging from cooking to art to bush craft to leadership.  

 We work year round to make this place as magical as possible for your kids.  We have racing zip lines, a fairytale treehouse, slack line, hammocks, climbing walls, ninja course, trails, swings, stage to play on, archery range, baby goats, chickens and more! Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more pics and info! 

To see all of the pics I take during each camp and updates, join  the BMK Camp FB group.  

***Scholarships are available for foster children as well as low income families. Please contact me to learn more. I currently have 1 scholarship spot available. 


4139 Crosheck Rd NE, Solon IA

Addresss: 4139 Crosheck Rd NE, Solon, IA 52333. Turn right on Crosheck from Anchorage and then it is your first left- there is a red barn and garden by the road. DO not stop at top of drive, BMK is located at the bottom of the hill, the house at the top is that of my neighbors.

Camp Days/Times: Monday and Tuesdays, 9am-1pm. (Aside from the single full day Friday camp which is 9-4pm. 

Drop off starts at 8:45am and pick up ends at 1:10pm. Please text me if you are running late, life happens and I never want a parent to feel stressed out when it does. (319) 325-3464 

Bad Weather:

For rain only, send kids in appropriate rain gear (extra clothes included), kids will play out in the rain- they have a blast. I also provide indoor space for those who don’t want to get wet. For storms I keep kids inside. If the weather is going to turn dangerous for driving, we go with the common sense policy. I will send out an email update the night before, as a heads up, but if storms are going to be bad in the morning around drop off we delay start of camp, and if they are going to be bad at pick up, we will adjust camp to end early to make sure no one is stuck on the road in bad weather. So far we have only had to delay camp because of weather once. If there happens to be weather that warrants canceling camp, or if power has gone out due to bad weather, I will send out an email as soon as possible to alert you all. 

What to send kids with (please lable items that you don’t want left/lost):

Snacks- I do provide daily snacks but I can’t promise that your child will love what I provide, so if they are a picky eater, please send snacks with them. If your child has severe food allergies please make sure you have informed me in advance. Homemade ice cream is part of every camp and on hot days I try to keep the healthy popscicles flowing! 

Lunch: Camps end at 1pm this year instead of noon. If your child is going to want to eat lunch at camp, please send a lunch. I provide time for eating lunch and snacks and also have zero rules for when they eat- basically, if hungry eat, if not hungry, don’t eat. We keep it easy going here! 

Water: Please send a water bottle with your child. It cuts down on the plastic cup waste here. They will have access to water all day long and if you forget a water bottle don’t worry, I do have cups available. It’s not worth stressing about at all on the drive here when you realize it is sitting on your kitchen counter. 

Clothing/footwear: Your kids will be in the timber and with farm animals. No flip flops please. They take off shoes inside so if you want to send inside shoes you are welcome to (slippers for example). Rain boots for rainy days are always a good idea. If you have rain boots that your child has out grown and want to donate them to BMK, I am starting to collect boots for when kids don’t have proper shoes for being out here. Please expect your child to potentially get dirty. Send them in clothes that can handle dirt/paint/food stains. I do plan on having aprons available for those who want to wear them, often kids decide not to wear them- so again- dress accordingly.  


Hats/bugspray/sunscreen: The timber is shaded but not all of the goat playground is. If you want to send your kiddo with sunscreen/bug spray they will have time to apply it and I will remind kids around 10am to put it on if they plan on being out with the goats in the sun. Hats are never a bad idea, but only if your kid is one to wear it and not take it off and lose it. Ticks have been bad this year, not just here but in everyone’s backyard. Please check your kids for ticks! 

Medication: If your child needs any medication during the time they are at camp please just let me know. If they are capable of taking it on their own- awesome. I am a big fan of you being the parent that knows your kid and letting you make the rules for what is best for you both. If you need me to remind them to take their medication, please alert me to that at drop off so I can put name to face and a reminder in my phone. 

Book Newsletter: 

As I move into the next stage of my book, (first draft due in a month!), I will be using my every other Friday newsletter to pull back the curtain even more and invite you all along to help provide feedback on the book from the content to the cover. The publisher provides a marketing specialist and a process that I have to follow, so you will also be able to bear witness to my discomfort as marketing isn’t something I am great at doing! Here is the link to my website and newsletter sign up. The book presale will begin this summer and will be coming out next February!

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