Aside from summer camps and occasional community focused events, I do not offer any public cooking classes. Private group events can be found below.

BMK Escapes

It’s time to treat yourself to an exclusive getaway, disconnect from the stress of life and connect with nature, friends and family. 

From spending time at the treehouse, gathered around the campfire with friend or family to wood fired pizza dinners to remember to cooking classes or jewelry making- there is something for everyone here. 

The treehouse is not available for overnight stays. FAQs can be found at the bottom of the page. 

30 min-$50/family. (can include 2 families if total is under 6 people)

Come play with the goats and chickens, feed them treats and create lasting memories.  I will be out with you during that time to answer questions and facilitate the best experience possible! (when we have baby goats, contact me to schedule your visit for when we are bottle feeding so you can do that as well). 

Proceeds fund camp scholarships and free events. 

What awaits you in the woods:

Whimsy, adventure and peace. Plus…2 ziplines, archery range, ninja course, fairytale treehouse, fort building, slack line, tetherball, campfire, swings, trails, art installations, stage, hidden treasures, wood fire pizza oven, wood sculptures and more!


Indoor Events

Where Creativity, Conversation and Connection, come together.

The farm style commercial teaching kitchen provides space for all to get hands on with cooking while also feeling like one is at home.

Promoting other women in business is a passion of mine and I can now offer jewelry making classes and cookie decorating, featuring Paige from Charli Dean Designs and Rachel from Sugar Kubed Cookies.

BMK is a place to gather and connect with those who bring you joy, where laughter flows and memories are made. 

Perfect for date nights, bachelorette parties, girls night out, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, work parties and more! Contact me for larger group rates. Virtual classes are still available.

All the details you need to knoW!

While there aren’t any bathrooms at the treehouse, you do have access to bathrooms inside BMK. Simple go onto the back deck behind the house and into BMK. The bathroom is down the short hallway to your right. 

Cancellation Policy:  Because I only offer a limited number of events, there are no cancellations within 2 weeks of the date.  If rain is forecasted, the party goes on, simply wear weather appropriate clothing and allow yourself to remember just how much fun it can be to play in the rain and embrace your inner child.  Also- the porch of treehouse is covered and the treehouse is so much fun to play in while listening to the rain.  If the rain is going to be a nonstop downpour or storming, then we can adjust the time of the event if possible and reschedule.

You are welcome to bring in any food or drink that you wish to the treehouse, just please clean up any trash afterwards.  The same clean up rule goes for the treehouse and property in general.  I simply ask that it is left in the same state as it was found.

4139 Crosheck Rd., Solon, IA 52333

Turn left at the big red barn, the first left on Crosheck and head down the driveway. BMK is located around back of the white house at the bottom of the drive.   

If your groups is more than 3 or 4 cars- drive down to the house, circle around and park facing up the driveway, starting at the ‘Park Here’ sign. The driveway has enough room for two cars so no need to park on the grass at all. 

*Please note that the play equipment in the neighbor’s yard is indeed the neighbor’s play equipment so please do not allow your kids to go into their yard. 

BMK eggs are available for scale for $4/dozen. All proceeds go towards funding the free mental health workshop for teens here at BMK. 

Inside BMK’s workshop/coffee lounge, there are a variety of products for sale from local artisans, including the earrings you see me wear in all of my posts from Charli Dean Designs.  New to the gift shop are items for pregnant and new mothers from All Bodies All Births Doula Services. Feel free to check out the items or contact me for custom orders of jewelry, sweets, soaps, bath products and more! 

Yes! One of the most popular options is to bake something that either only takes an hour or requires a rise time (such as for focaccia bread), which allows for time to be split between the treehouse and inside. This also works for a jewelry making class. 

Did you know?

I have transitioned to running mindfulness and leadership workshops, team building retreats, consulting for businesses and speaking professionally at conferences across the country. Head to for more info! 

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