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In a world filled with transient leadership models, Stoic Edge Consulting stands as a beacon of enduring wisdom and actionable strategies. Rooted in the time-honored principles of Stoicism, we introduce two core leadership models, SAFE and STOA, designed to foster authentic leadership and master success in all endeavours.

Our Offerings:

  • The Stoic Edge Leadership Program: A blend of individual and group sessions, delivered both in-person and virtually to instill a leadership reflex grounded in integrity, adaptability, and lifelong growth.
  • Champion’s Edge for Athletes, Teams & Coaching Pros: Transition from routine performance to legendary prowess by embracing a champion’s mindset that reshapes the game.
  • Executive and Organizational Mastery: Dive deep into methodologies that reshape leaders from various sectors, fully customizable to your organization’s unique needs.
  • Resilience Training for First Responders: Equip yourself with tools that cultivate resilience, strategic clarity, and team cohesion in facing modern-day challenges.
  • Speaking Engagements: Engage in keynotes that break conventional molds, elevate understanding, and spur actionable insights.
  • Interactive Presentations and Trainings: Transform team dynamics and organizational culture with tailored experiences.
  • 1:1 Executive Leadership Coaching: Whether you’re at a pivotal crossroads in your leadership journey or seeking to refine your approach, my 1:1 coaching is designed to unlock your full potential, ensuring you not only achieve success but also lead a life that’s genuinely worth living
  • On-Site Workshops and Retreats: Nestled just outside Iowa City, this is where groundbreaking ideas meet lasting change amidst the serenity of nature. With tailored retreats that delve into your team’s dynamics and challenges, every activity, be it culinary challenges, strategic games, or reflective group discussions, is chosen for its transformative impact. The journey extends beyond the retreat, manifesting in enhanced workplace harmony, increased productivity, and innovative problem-solving back in daily environments.


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