Healthy Unprocessed Recipes

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Welcome to the page of unprocessed healthy recipes! You can search for recipes as well on the recipe index page.  This page will contain some blog posts and tips that are not found in the recipe index.  Please share your favorite Becky’s Mindful Kitchen recipes on facebook, instagram and with your friends and family! Follow Becky’s Mindful Kitchen on facebook and Instagram @beckysmindfulkitchen.

Becky’s Mindful Kitchen focuses on tradition diets, unprocessed healthy recipes and how to reclaim your kitchen through classes, individual help and more! Here you will find my most recent recipes and tips on how to start the process of reclaiming your kitchen without giving up your favorite dishes!  I am always customizing recipe for clients to fit their dietary needs and would be happy to do the same for you! I am also always up for a challenge if you find something in the store that you would like to see a recipe for! If you live in the Iowa City-Cedar Rapids area check out the Cookery School page for cooking classes at the new cookery school. 

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