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Rating: As I haven’t been able to visit the farm yet, I can only partially rate this farm. I will be trying a variety of their cuts of meat soon and will add that rating as well.
Price: A
Ease of communication with farmers: A+
Openness about treatment of animals: A+

While I haven’t had the chance to visit Hinterland Farms located in Nichols, IA , I have spoken with Scott and Mary Hintermeister who own the farm and am excited to visit and take pictures soon.   They are both incredibly kind people and we are lucky to have a farm like this so close by! Here is what Scott has to say about his pigs:

My fat hogs are in pens that have dirt lots in front of the open front building they have for shelter.  They get to play in the mud. My sows are out in grass lots. Some of my sows this winter had to be put in some open front buildings because it was so cold this winter. They farrow in very large open pens and during the winter I have small enclosures with pens in front of them with heat lamps to keep pigs warm. And they are drug and GMO free.

You can pick up the meat from the farm or from Bud’s meat locker in Riverside or it can be delivered.

Here are the prices:

Pork chop- 4.25 per pound

Deli meat-3.50

Shoulder and loin roasts- 4.00

Ground pork-3.10

Ham 4.00 cured, 3.50 uncured

Ribs- 4.25

Pork belly- 3.75

Bacon 4.50

Breakfast chops- 4.00

Boneless loin 4.00

Ham Hock-3.75

Organ meats-2.00

Lard- $1 plus $2.50 bucket charge

Whole hog-2.90 per pound of hanging weight that included processing but not curing of any meat.

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