Cookie & Candy Bar Copycat Camp- June 10th &11th


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June 10 &11th: Monday and Tuesday 9-1 pm (I provide a snack around 11am, but you are welcome to send food with your kiddo, they can eat their snacks whenever they like/are hungry) 

Cost $215 

Ages 5 and up.

In mixed age camps, older kids get to take on leadership and mentoring roles while younger kids get the opportunity to learn how to work in a group and gain confidence by being empowered to try new things! There is so much to learn by being around those not in one’s age group and without many opportunities for that to happen in today’s world, it is a joy to provide it during these camps! 

If this camp is full, please head here to register for the waitlist. 

Before registering for the camp please read the waiver HERE.

Directions are on the home page and and FAQ can be found HERE.

Follow BMK on facebook for camp updates and photos of all the pre camp projects! 

I will send out an email the Friday before each camp with all the information you could ever want/need- if you don’t receive an email by Saturday morning please reach out. You will receive a confirmation email of your registration that includes my EIN for tax purposes- save that email as I do not keep them and will not be able to resend it this time next year when the joys of tax season is upon us.

** This camp is not peanut free**

This camp is all about learning how to make favorite candy bars (plus thin mint cookies) in the kitchen instead of buying them in the store! I have a mix of skill level recipes so that there is a challenge for each camper no matter their age. They will work in groups to allow for tasks to be divided according to skill level.  Currently I am planning on tackling: Twix, Kit Kats, Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Cups, Butterfingers… this list may change or items added as I continue to play around with my recipes and find a good combo of sweets! Between recipes kids will be able to play with the animals and in the woods.

When you register please include your child’s name and age so I can plan recipes based on skill levels attending camp.

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