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COVID Safety Information


I have a high risk child who is currently too young to be vaccinated, so I run all events at BMK with Covid Safety as a priority, not just because it is the right thing to do for my community but it is personal as I am unwilling to put business above the health of my child.  I know this has caused many to not return to BMK due to my stance on Covid safety so I thank those who do respect my need to be extra safe. 

  1. MASKS: Masks are required when inside BMK and inside the treehouse or when social distancing outside is not possible.  *If you are booking a private event and are vaccinated, I am currently wearing a mask myself but only requiring masks if one has cold symptoms or based on your own decision for your group.  
  2. If someone in your family has tested positive for COVID please do not attend the event.   

Cancellation Policy

I get it, life happens, and while I do try to be as flexible as possible, I also have sadly had one too many people take advantage of my kindness so hence the need for a cancellation policy.  I will not provide refunds within 2 weeks of an event.  I only offer a limited number of spots for events each month.  If I am able to fill your spot with another event, I will of course refund you.  I’m not interested in taking advantage of anyone when it comes to how I run BMK.  I value your time and money. If storms (but not rain) will make a treehouse rental unsafe, you will have the option to reschedule, I also am willing to when possible, switch the time of your event to avoid bad weather.  If you don’t wish to reschedule, there will 50% refund.  I do not require a deposit or advance payment- so if you choose to not honor this policy on your end, please understand that you will be required advanced payment for any future events.  



I understand the following:

My child/myself may be exposed to a variety of foods during class and tasting foods throughout the program. 

I understand and acknowledge that Becky’s Mindful Kitchen cooking classes and events have inherent risks, dangers, and hazards related to preparing food in a home kitchen and working with tools and appliances and that my child’s/my own participation in such classes and events may result in injury. I will provide closed toe shoes for my child/myself to wear while in the kitchen. I assume full responsibility for any injuries or damages resulting from my child’s/my participation in this program.

 As the legal guardian of the minor child/as an adult, I accept the risks inherent in the preparation, cooking, and eating of food that has been prepared during cooking classes. I understand that these classes and camps are educational and not a substitute for a meal and will make sure to provide an adequate meal prior to class- there is no meal provided during the camp or class. 

I hereby release Becky’s Mindful Kitchen, all owners and employees from any and all liability for damage, losses, or personal injury resulting from my child’s/my participation in any Becky’s Mindful Kitchen cooking class or event.
If my child’s behavior is disruptive to others and does not resolve with verbal warnings, I will come pick up my child and he/she may not be able to return to camp. If my actions are disruptive and I am disrespectful to others or the property, I understand that I may be asked to leave and will be responsible for finding a safe ride home and will not receive a refund. 

I understand that my child/I may be outside in a garden/timber setting and interacting with chickens and goats. I will dress my child/myself appropriate for the weather and provide sun and bug protection. I accept the risks inherent to gardening and interaction with chickens, goats and playing in the woods, zip line, archery, using hatchets, knives, saws, tree house and all available in the woods at BMK and release Becky’s Mindful Kitchen, all owners and employees from any and all liability for damage, losses or personal injury resulting from my child’s/my participation in outdoor activities. 

I understand the importance of checking my child for ticks. 

I agree to not send my child/myself to class if he/she/I has(ve) had a fever or diarrhea in the past 72 hours, an active cough, or frequently needs to blow his/her nose. I also will not knowingly attend an event or send my child if there has been a known exposure to Covid where masks were not worn or if a family member is currently ill with Covid.  

By signing this waiver, I acknowledge that I have carefully read it and understand the contents. I am aware that this is a release of liability. If I am signing on behalf of a minor, I am giving the minor permission to participate in classes and events at Becky’s Mindful Kitchen

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