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COVID Safety Information


If I for some reason relax the safety rules, I will contact you first via email and if you do not feel comfortable with the change, I will respect that whole heartedly. (I make decisions based in science and common sense)

  1. MASKS: Masks will be required at all times during the camps except when eating/drinking. I have designated spots outside for eating that are 6ft apart. If we have to eat inside, I also have space for kids to be more than 6ft apart. IF your kids are attending with someone who is in your ‘no mask’ circle, they can eat together, simply let me know via email and on the first day. Masks will be required outside unless the kids are working on a project in designated areas that are more than 6ft apart. With a high risk child helping with camps this summer and being high risk myself, you can be assured that I will not take chances with COVID safety. If your child does not comply with mask wearing I will be calling you to come pick them up.
  2. If your child is not feeling well during camp, I’m giving you a call- we aren’t messing around this summer with any illness. If they have horrible allergies- first of all- I get it!- second, let’s chat and communicate about it all. If they are sneezing and coughing nonstop, even if it is from allergies, that will be a problem. If your kid has had diarrhea or the pukes within 48 hours, no go on coming- let’s keep this a bodily function free summer. 24hr for fever is my rule as well.
  3. If someone in your family or your child has been exposed to COVID, please do not send your child to camp. We all have a responsibility to do our part in slowing the spread so that life can return to normal. Your options: Full refund: find a friend to take the camp spot, let me know and I’ll let people on the waitlist know. Apply the registration fee (minus $50 deposit) to a future camp.

Cancellation Policy

There is a $50.00 non refundable deposit for all camps. Up to May 1st you may cancel your spot and receive the balance of your registration fee. After May 1st:

If your child is unable to attend because of illness, schedule conflict, etc, you can find a friend to take their spot, or ask me if there is someone on the waitlist wanting the spot. You will receive the balance of your registration in this situation. It is my goal to find a solution that works for everyone.
If I cancel the camp due to my own illness, you will receive the option to attend a make up camp OR receive the balance of your registration.
Minimum of 10 kids for camp to run so invite friends! If I cancel a camp due to low enrollment you will get your ENTIRE registration fee back including the $50 deposit.

Camp Waiver

Refunds will not be given after June 1st-  you are welcome to find someone to take the place of your child. 

I understand the following:
My child will be exposed to a variety of foods during class and tasting foods throughout the program in a home kitchen.
I understand and acknowledge that Becky’s Mindful Kitchen cooking classes and events have inherent risks, dangers, and hazards related to preparing food in a home kitchen and working with tools and appliances and that my child’s participation in such classes and events may result in injury. I will provide closed toe shoes for my child to wear while in the kitchen.I assume full responsibility for any injuries or damages resulting from my child’s participation in this program. As the legal guardian of the minor child, I accept the risks inherent in the preparation, cooking, and eating of food that has been prepared during cooking classes. I understand that these classes and camps are educational and not a substitute for a meal and will make sure to provide an adequate meal prior to class- there is no meal provided during the camp or class. I hereby release Becky’s Mindful Kitchen, all owners and employees from any and all liability for damage, losses, or personal injury resulting from my child’s participation in any Becky’s Mindful Kitchen cooking class or event.
If my child’s behavior is disruptive to others and does not resolve with verbal warnings, I will come pick up my child and he/she may not be able to return to camp.
I understand that my child will be outside in a garden setting and interacting with chickens and goats. I will dress my child appropriate for the weather and provide sun and bug protection. I accept the risks inherent to gardening and interaction with chickens, goats and playing in the woods, zip line, tree house and all available in the woods at BMK and release Becky’s Mindful Kitchen, all owners and employees from any and all liability for damage, losses or personal injury resulting from my child’s participation in outdoor activities. I understand the importance of checking my child for ticks.
I agree to not send my child to class if he/she has had a fever or diarrhea in the past 72 hours, an active cough, or frequently needs to blow his/her nose. I also will not send my child if he/she or a family member has been exposed to COVID within 2 weeks time or is not practicing Covid safety with mask wearing or social distancing.
By signing this waiver, I acknowledge that I have carefully read it and understand the contents. I am aware that this is a release of liability. If I am signing on behalf of a minor, I am giving the minor permission to participate in classes and events at Becky’s Mindful Kitchen

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