Becky’s Mindful Kitchen is located at 4139 Crosheck Rd NE, Solon, IA. WAIVER HERE FOR CAMPS AND CLASSES

Turn right onto Crosheck Rd and another right at the red barn and drive down the hill to the white house. Drop off and pick up are on the right side of the house – circle around to drive back up the hill – don’t back up the drive or park on road. There is room for two cars to pass on the drive. It is a shared drive with the house at the top of the hill so please be kind and not block their entrance.  Parking for all classes: if more than 4 cars are expected, please park facing up the hill so that no one has to back out.  There will be a cone (or marker) at the top of the drive to indicate where the first car should park, each subsequent car can park behind that car. Carpooling is always encouraged!

Our neighbors at the top of the hill are wonderful and I ask that you are mindful not to block their drive or have children play on their property/play set.

If your class includes a full meal or is baking heavy, please consider bringing containers to bring home food. If your class is for adults ages 21 and older, you are welcome to bring your own adult beverages. Water, coffee and tea is provided.

Follow path on foot by the goat pen and up the steps to the entrance of BMK (sign is above the entry door). The cooking school is in the back of the house- entrance is NOT through the front door unless told otherwise due to snow and ice. 

Cancellation policy: If I cancel a class, refunds will be issued within 2 weeks.  I cannot off refunds for cancellations within one week of a class.  Refunds for summer camps cannot be offered after May 1st of that year.  I do my best to find solutions and class registrations can be transferred if you find someone to take your spot.

 *Parents- if you are parking to walk your child in, please circle around first so that cars can get around you. Wait to drop kids off until you are close to the entrance path to avoid a car vs child incident. Thank you.  

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