I was looking for an easy dairy free sweet for a friend who is lactose intolerant. Having made chocolate peppermint frosting with coconut cream before, I decided to play around with the flavors and add honey to make this smooth enough to sip on if desired, or you can freeze to make your own coconut ice cream treat!

Lavender Orange Coconut Cream Shooters (or frozen shots)
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  1. Coconut cream from a can of whole fat coconut milk, or buy straight coconut cream. I suggest you put the can in the fridge for a few hours first.
  2. Fresh lavender-finely chopped
  3. Raw Organic Honey
  4. Orange zest
  5. Orange extract (optional)
  6. Powder Sugar (optional, I use the swerve brand)
  1. Either by hand or with a hand held mixer, blend the ingredients together to taste. Depending on how firm the cream was before mixing you may want to freeze the shooter before serving and it will be like coconut ice cream. When it is thick cream before mixing the final consistency will be like a frosting and with powder sugar makes for a perfect dairy free frosting.
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