BMK Summer Camps 2022

It is on this page that I will update COVID safety protocols and any other important info.  Before your camp week, check this link for any updates.  I will send out an email the Friday before each camp, if you do not see it by Saturday, please check your junk mail and then reach out to me.  Please also check this page before emailing with questions.

For all camp pics and updates, join this FB GROUP.


CANCELLATION: Refunds will not be offered except for special circumstances after May 1st, 2022.  After May 1st, you are welcome to find someone to take your spot, or contact me to offer your spot up to the waitlist.  Before May 1st, you will receive a refund except for a $25 processing fee.  If you want to switch camp weeks, I will do my best to make that happen, but please know that all changes are not simple and do take time, so please have patience if you are requesting changes. 

If I cancel a camp, you will receive a full refund or the option to switch to an additional camp or the make up camp date.  

Bad weather- no refunds will be offered for bad weather, if we are unable to be outside, the activities move inside.  

Camp Structure: All camps will include time with the animals and in the treehouse and outdoors, along with cooking of some sort.  The archery range will only be available for the archery camp, leadership workshops and or if I have someone available to be stationed there during the free time. 

DROP OFF AND PICK UP:  BMK shares a driveway with the house at the top of the hill.  Those are our awesome neighbors and they also own the play equipment- please keep your kids off their lawn and do not block their driveway.  

BMK is the first left on Crosheck Rd, there is our big red barn that is hard to miss, turn left there and head down the driveway to the white house.  Do not stop at the top of the drive.  It is hard to miss where to drop your kid off, I will be standing there and there is also a sign.  Please do not park in the spots in front of the house as that is used for cars to circle around.  Drop your kid off where I am standing, circle around, and take off.  If you want to walk your kid to me, please circle around and park facing up the driveway.  

The BMK driveway is wide enough for 2 cars to allow for a easy flow of traffic. 

All camps start at 9am.  However, drop off starts at 8:40am to provide flexibility for parents who have to get kids to multiple camps.  If you require an earlier drop off time, please contact me directly to arrange that.  Your child will have to entertain him/herself if dropped off early so please feel free to send them with a book or activity, and they can of course play with the animals while they wait.

If you arrive before 8:40am, please pull down the driveway and circle around and park facing up the driveway.  Do not leave your child until you see me.  

PICK UP: Camp ends at 12pm or 4pm.  We are often done either a few minutes before or can run a few minutes late.  If you arrive early, simply pull down and park up the hill.  If the car in front of you isn’t ready to leave when you are, remember you can just pull around them and off you go! If you need your child right at 12pm- let me know and I will make sure they are ready to go.  If you will be later than 12:15 or 4:15pm, please text me at (319) 325-3464.  Life happens, I get it.  Please do not stress out if you are running late.  

NEW BMK Parent Coffee Lounge: As a parent of 3 myself, I am always focused on not only how to make these camps better for your kids, but also how to make them better for the parents. This year, the room that I use for my indoor leadership workshops will be available for you to use as a coffee/tea lounge.  You can use the wifi and get work done or read your own books or enjoy the books available in the BMK library.  The covered patio will also be set up for those who want to be outside and on days when the lounge room will be needed for inside activities. If you plan on staying, please let me know and plan on coming closer to 9am, to allow for most cars to drop off.  You can then park facing up the drive.  You are welcome to bring food and drink with you and babies- babies are always welcome here! 

COVID Safety: I do not plan on requiring masks this year for camp.  If things change, I will update this page.  Do not sign your child up if you are against indoor mask wearing.  I will not require masks outside, and truly do not plan on requiring them inside.  

Medical Conditions/ Allergies: I plan on keeping the camps peanut free, but please do send appropriate medication for all allergies. This is covered in the waiver, but I need to make it clear here too.  I welcome all kids, but I need to be informed about anything that might impact their ability to fully enjoy/participate in the camp and the experience of others.  I will be honest with you if I feel that I am capable of handling physical or mental disabilities and just ask that you are honest with me. 


I do provide water, but a water bottle is always welcomed to cut down on plastic cup waste.

Kids will be outside so bug spray before arriving is smart.  They are mostly in the shade, so sunscreen is often not needed but of course you can send some or apply before arriving.  

You are welcome to send snacks.

Extra clothes/appropriate shoes/boots: If it is muddy out, please send extra clothes and good boots/shoes for being in the mud and with animals with hooves who also poop.  

NO FLIP FLOPS. Closed toed shoes are preferred.  Fire campers must wear closed toed shoes.

They will be playing with animals and in the woods and doing crafts and cooking.  Do not send them in clothes that you care about keeping clean. 

Hats are great, but I get it, kids don’t often wear them.  

Long hair will need to be put up when cooking so please send a hair tie. 

I have just about everything your kid could need, so if you forget something, just text me, don’t stress or worry.  

Please just be kind and respectful this summer- that’s all I truly ask.  I love seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones, and am so excited for another summer of adventure with your kids! 


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