Team Building and Leadership Retreats and Workshops

Leadership is not a job title but a lifestyle and at BMK we connect the importance of being a leader to all parts of life during.  We also believe that while many team building activities are fun, they often do not result in lasting change. We have created a truly unique approach to team building and leadership workshops by blending hands on group activities, individual work, and a customized interactive talk to address your group’s needs.  

Virtual Workshops are engaging and fun and challenge the theory that zoom fatigue is impossible to overcome.  Contact me to learn more! 

Concepts Covered: 

Viewing obstacles as opportunities. Using failure as fuel, stumbling blocks as stepping stones. 

Circle of Control vs Influence 

Goal setting: Process Over Outcome.


The Importance of Vulnerability in building Credibility as a leader. 

Putting values into action and aligning actions with values in order to live a purposeful life. 

Mental Health in the workplace

Onsite workshops are also taught by my consulting partner and husband, Bill, who contributes over 15 years of leadership as a fire officer and flight instructor.  This workshop can include hands-on activities such as cooking and fun cooking competitions, archery, trauma first aid skills, fire starting, and team building challenges in the timber- igniting the power of creativity, play and fun.  Confidence is built, Ego is assumed- in these activities we discard the ego and provide opportunities for confidence to grow.  The fairy tale inspired treehouse provides a magical setting for the workshop where one can disconnect from technology and truly engage in the moment.  

Full day workshops include wood fired pizza and gelato. 

Workshops vary in length and style depending on the needs of your organization. Contact me to learn more! 

…time with the goats and chickens is always included…

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