Free Holiday Cookie Baking Class (GF Optional)

December 4th 3:30-4:30pm CT

Join me as we tackle 3 different recipes, sugar and gingerbread and Mexican wedding cookies.  I grew up with a mother who never bought cookies except at Christmas time when she would bring home Mexican wedding cookies, just one bite and I’m transported back to my childhood kitchen. 

The cookie recipes here are base recipes that can be adapted to fit your personal preference.  While I can bake cookies, I cannot decorate them.  Which is why the following day, Rachel from Sugar Kubed Cookies will be teaching you how to make icing and decorate cookies that while they may look complicated- are actually quite simple! She will do a gingerbread cookie design and sugar cookie design and answer all of your cookie decorating questions! 

These classes are completely free and I will not ever ask for your phone number, credit card information, or address.  If you get any requests for that information, it did not come from me.  All I ask in return is you help spread the word by sharing this link and my social media posts with others, spreading a small bit of kindness around the globe.

I post daily on IG/FB, offering a range of content from practical mindfulness to stories of the always entertaining antics of the goats and chickens here at BMK.  You can follow me on Instagram or Facebook. If you wish to donate you can do so via Venmo @becky-schmooke or @beckysmindfulkitchen.

I do not send newsletters, but will on occasion email you with updates on my book and new workshops available through BMK.  It is my belief that we all get a lot of emails that we do not need/want and am determined not to add to that number.


Alright, here we go.  For those who did these all last season, you know the drill.  Nothing much has changed.

  1. You register via the link at the bottom of the page on zoom.  The first 100 people in the waiting room can join on zoom, and then everyone else joins live on my FB page where you can type in questions there if needed.  If you are not planning on cooking/baking live with us, please consider joining via my FB page so that those who are baking can join on zoom where it is interactive and we can better assist those with questions.  Make sure you have liked/followed the page to be able to find the live stream.  The videos are saved on my FB page so if you miss the class, simply rewatch there! FB PAGE HERE
  2. After each class, I make a post on my FB page for you to share photos of your creations- this has become such a highlight of my week, seeing your photos- so thank you to all who participate!
  3. Recipe for: Gingerbread, Sugar Cookies , Mexican Wedding Cookies 

For any recipes with yeasted doughs: we make the dough together and then I will demonstrate the remaining steps while your dough rises.

I do not always send reminder emails before the class, please save your confirmation email from zoom.  If you don’t see a confirmation email, in either your inbox or junk mail, please register again as it could be your email was entered incorrectly- I’m guilty of doing that myself!


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