Labor Day

We are a proud union family, my girls have grown up visiting their dad either at his full time job as a Lt. with the Iowa City FD or at North Liberty FD where he spends 30hrs/week as an assistant chief.
Vivi and I met Bill for the very first time at the fire station and Finley took some of her first steps during an evening visit at the station.
We owe so much to those who fought so hard to make sure the American worker was treated as a human being and not a commodity.
Unions have started to gain popularity once again due to Covid shining a light on the inequities, unsafe working environments and dismal wages paid to workers.
And with that comes a resurgence of the weaponization of stereotypes and generalizations on both sides of the issues.
The best defense against stereotypes?
And asking the question: “Is this true?”.
Are all unions full of bad, lazy, overpaid, workers who keep those who work hard from earning what they deserve? (They aren’t.)
Are all those who are anti union, out to destroy the American worker in order to hold onto their dictatoresk power in the industry? (They aren’t.)
Often people have come to their belief by way of stereotypes and misinformation.
So get curious. Ask questions. And listen to the answers, and ask more questions.
I am pro union, but I wish there wasn’t a need for them.
I wish those in charge didn’t need to be left without a choice before they decided to do the right thing by their workers. That fair wages, safe work environments, and hours didn’t have to require the tireless work of so many years ago and today.
I also have wished for a laundry gnome and tax prep elf.
I don’t put much stock in wishes.
We don’t need more division in this country.
What we need is the courage to stay curious, to ask questions and listen with compassion.
Bill is on shift this Labor Day as are so many others across the country and we thank you for your hard work!

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About Becky

Becky Schmooke (pronounced “Smoke”) is a Mindful Leadership Consultant and Speaker, focused on providing action based mindfulness and leadership training to organizations and businesses who are ready to do things differently.

Becky’s Mindful Kitchen, is located outside of Iowa City, and provides truly unique team building and leadership retreats,  strategic planning workshops, private parties and classes and weekly summer camps for kids. The commercial teaching kitchen, treehouse, archery range, bush craft skills, first aid training, wood fired pizza oven, chickens, baby goats and timber adventure playground provides endless opportunities for hands on activities.


As a mom to three girls, 60 chickens, 4 goats, 2 dogs and a fire fighter’s wife- life is never boring and provides Becky with endless stories which she uses to illustrate her approach to mindfulness in daily posts on social media.  

In all that she does, Becky has one goal, to build confidence in others to take action to live their best life, not just pass time.  

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