I used to be a sucker for fancy crackers and chips when I walked down the aisle of my local health food store aka New Pioneer Co op.  I have a strict rule of only buying what is on sale but thanks to weekly and bi monthly sales that means there is always a new gluten free, whole wheat, raw cracker or cracker made of gold and silver, begging to be purchased.  But once I started eliminating industrial oils from my diet, I found myself being disappointed in the expensive “healthy” box crackers and chips.  My favorite crackers were now not worth my money.  So I decided to make my own and was shocked at how easy it was.  In fact my 3 year old daughter can make these by herself if I tell her the measurements of each ingredient. So no excuses!

I love not spending money on crackers full of unhealthy fats and using that money instead on fresh produce and bulk items.  This is my variation of an herb cracker. It is basic and simple.  I will post different recipes later!

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