Sweet potato gnocchi has become a go to quick and easy meal at home and finding new ways to serve the gnocchi within the ‘quick dinner’ time limit has become a fun challenge. 


Today I sauteed some vegetables in some red wine, olive oil and fresh Italian herbs and served the gnocchi on top with a poached egg to provide the protein for the meal. Cooking with wine is a fantastic way to add flavor to your vegetables without doing much work besides opening a bottle and pouring it in!  If you have wine that doesn’t get finished before going bad (rare, but it does happen to the best of us) do not throw it away, instead save it to add to a tomato sauce or like I did- to some sauteed vegetables! And while many people will say that if you wouldn’t drink it, don’t cook with it, I find that wine that is up to 2 weeks old cooks just fine into sauces, however, if you are making a meal to serve at a dinner party I recommend cooking with the same wine you are serving. An easy rule for cooking with wine is if you would drink white wine with that meal- cook with white, same goes for red.



I personally enjoy cooking onions in red wine as it turns them a nice red color and takes away any of their bitterness.  These vegetables cooked for at least 30 minutes while I made the gnocchi. 


P1030822First cook and peel the sweet potatoes.  Puree them in a food processor and add the ricotta cheese.  Making your own ricotta cheese is incredibly easy and will save you a ton of money compared to buying organic ricotta cheese and the taste difference is very noticeable.  The best thing about making your own cheeses is that you get to become an artist when it comes to manipulating things such as time, temperature, herbs, acidity… But best of all it is another food that you no longer have to buy at the store but can save money and make yourself! After your dough is made, rolled out and cut, the gnocchi itself takes only 4 minutes to cook so it will soon become a go to quick and easy meal for you and the family to enjoy!



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