Staying curious

“Hey girls- want to help me do something we maybe shouldn’t do on our own?”
Neither girl was fazed by my proposition.
They have grown up living a life where one takes action, things get done, and the lessons learned in the process matter more than the outcome.
They have seen me and helped me do countless things I have no business doing- and my awareness of my lack of skill or know how is never masked.
But I don’t let that keep me from using what I do know to try new things.
Confidence is built by experience.
Failure is to be expected, not feared.
I discovered during yesterday’s workshops that I need to rearrange the room to fit larger groups and better present on the new screen. The old antique tables I bought came with old wheels that were scratching the floor and made moving them tricky.
I decided the wheels had to go.
And then discovered that removing them wasn’t as easy as I thought.
That’s when I called the girls down, we came up with ideas, gathered a plethora of tools to test out the ideas and got to work. It wasn’t a big or hard project compared to most here, but it was rich with opportunity for learning.
There was more failure than success in the beginning.
And with each failure we stayed curious and therefore, got better.
No one got upset when their idea didn’t work and another’s did, because the goal wasn’t to have the best idea but to get the wheels off.
And we did.
… and discovered that at last my bag of never ending furniture felt pads finally ran out.
Luckily I am well skilled in ordering on Amazon…

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About Becky

Becky Schmooke (pronounced “Smoke”) is a Mindful Leadership Consultant and Speaker, focused on providing action based mindfulness and leadership training to organizations and businesses who are ready to do things differently.

Becky’s Mindful Kitchen, is located outside of Iowa City, and provides truly unique team building and leadership retreats,  strategic planning workshops, private parties and classes and weekly summer camps for kids. The commercial teaching kitchen, treehouse, archery range, bush craft skills, first aid training, wood fired pizza oven, chickens, baby goats and timber adventure playground provides endless opportunities for hands on activities.


As a mom to three girls, 60 chickens, 4 goats, 2 dogs and a fire fighter’s wife- life is never boring and provides Becky with endless stories which she uses to illustrate her approach to mindfulness in daily posts on social media.  

In all that she does, Becky has one goal, to build confidence in others to take action to live their best life, not just pass time.  

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