Breakfast Waffle Sandwich

Breakfast Waffle SandwichA healthy breakfast can be tricky during the week as we are all rushing out the door to get to work or kids to school. That is why my breakfast class is a perfect fit for anyone wanting to learn how to prepare freezer breakfast dishes, granola and bars that make for a healthy breakfast on the go! We will discuss popular “healthy” breakfasts found in the freezer aisle of the store and break down what makes those industrialized ingredients instead of real foods. I will provide easy and inexpensive alternative to those processed meals and then it will cooking time! From pancakes, to mini fritattas, to granola, to bars, to waffles, to poptarts…this class will leave you ready to master the healthy unprocessed breakfast!

One of those recipes will be my original waffle breakfast sandwich. A waffle stuffed with ham, egg and cheese. The waffle is made with organic flours, the eggs are local, the ham contains no antibiotic or nitrites and the cheese is from grass fed cows!

Bring along a friend and sign up today for a delicious class! This recipe will become available after the breakfast class in November.

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