Meeting Our Emotions With Curiosity

Meeting Our Emotions With Curiosity I felt myself getting pissed off.Part of me wanted to take the anger and run with it.The Stoic in me won out.Not because it caused me to shove down my emotions. That’s not what Stoicism teaches.It won out because I got curious instead of angry.I called Finn over and told …

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Kindness is Never Insignificant

Kindness is Never Insignificant Toddlers shouldn’t get cancer. Kids shouldn’t get cancer. Teens shouldn’t spend high school in the hospital. Mothers shouldn’t have to deal with cancer when pregnant or with young kids. But they do. And all the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” in the world won’t change reality. Tonight for a few hours a group …

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Our Hurting World

Our Hurting World The world feels so messy right now.Covid is back on the rise.19 children and 2 teachers murdered in their classroom.War in UkraineFamine across AfricaWomen’s access to safe abortions threatenedLife and our connection to each other feels both complex and complicated.And we often make things messier in our attempts to avoid the discomfort …

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