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Everyday for over 3 years, I have written about mindful leadership, stoic philosophy, mindful parenting, mental health…sharing my stories with vulnerability and humor. I wanted to create a place off of social media for people to read about how to put mindfulness into action. 

You don’t have time to read long articles, which is why these are meant to be a quick read that provide a new perspective and inspires action towards living a more mindful life at home and at work. 

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Just because you don't end up where you planned, doesn't mean you aren't where you're supposed to be.


What to expect from my talks? Humor-I bring my sense of humor to all that I do, there will always be laughter when I’m on stage, even if it’s just my own. Stoic Wisdom- as one of the few women who speak on Stoic Philosophy, I love challenging the misconceptions and introducing the philosophy to

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BMK Team Building and Leadership Workshops

creating connections that last Leadership & Team Building Workshops Leadership is not a job title but a lifestyle and at BMK we connect the importance of being a leader to all parts of life.  We also believe that while many team building activities are fun, they often do not result in lasting change. We have

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Mindful Leadership Consulting

Mindful Leadership Consulting Invest in your business by investing in your people I apply ancient Stoic wisdom to turn obstacles into opportunities and mindfulness into action. We will identify and work with leaders at all levels, teaching them how to communicate and empower those around them to do their best not just at work, but

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Summer Camp Info/FAQ

Summer Camp Info/FAQ Just a reminder to also check the camp page for additional info! BMK is located at 4139 Crosheck Rd, Solon. Cancellation Policy Refunds will not be offered except for special circumstances after May 1st, 2024.  After May 1st, you are welcome to find someone to take your spot, or contact me to

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